• Germs are everywhere. Make handwashing with soap and water a healthy habit to protect yourself and your family from getting sick. icon #KeepHandsClean

  • Everything you touch has germs that stay on your hands. Make clean hands a healthy habit everywhere you go so you don’t get sick. icon #KeepHandsClean

  • Your hands carry germs you can’t see. Take the time to wash your hands for 20 seconds during key times to stay healthy. icon #KeepHandsClean

  • Handwashing can help prevent 1 in 5 respiratory illnesses and 1 in 3 diarrheal illnesses. Learn more about the benefits of handwashing. icon #KeepHandsClean



  • Handwashing can become a lifelong healthy habit if you start teaching it at an early age. Give kids frequent reminders of how and when to wash hands. icon#KeepHandsClean

  • Help your kids develop handwashing skills and make handwashing a part of your family’s daily life. icon #KeepHandsClean

  • Set an example for your children. Make handwashing part of your routine and teach kids the five easy steps for handwashing from an early age. icon#KeepHandsClean

  • When your family is healthy, you don’t have to worry about missing out on work, school, and other activities. Make sure you teach kids the key times to wash. icon#KeepHandsClean

Life is Better with Clean Hands Campaign Promotion

  • Handwashing is important for everyone! Learn about CDC’s new handwashing campaign and download free materials to remind people in your life about the importance of handwashing. icon #KeepHandsClean

  • Need to remind yourself or others about the importance of washing hands? Order FREE CDC posters to place in bathrooms or kitchen areas as a reminder. icon#KeepHandsClean

  • CDC has launched a new national handwashing campaign! Learn how to make a handwashing a healthy habit in your family and keep everyone healthy. icon#KeepHandsClean